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Japanese lyrics translations

テイク5 is a lyrics translation journal named after a song by Utada Hikaru (very unoriginal, I know). It's the place where hillando posts her translations of various Japanese lyrics, and occasionally maybe even Finnish lyrics.

Emphasis is on TVXQ and Koda Kumi, since they're the two artists I seem to listening to most at the moment. Requests for other artists are welcome, and I'm sure I will expand my fandoms after I've gathered enough courage. It's just a little scary to look at all the lyrics that various rock artists have written. It's so much easier to translate simple love songs than philosophical thoughts of life and death.

Entries are not member-locked, so you don't have to join to view the translations (although it would be nice if you did join).
You're free to redistribute my translations, but please credit me when doing so.

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