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28 September 2009 @ 09:20 pm
TVXQ - I'll Be There  
I haven't been able to find a decent translation of this song anywhere. Each one that I've seen has either been a misplaced translation of the Korean version of this song (the lyrics are not the same), or some strange jumble made with an online translator *frustrated* I hope my take (albeit nowhere near perfect) on it makes the song slightly more understandable.

熱き夢 抱きしめ 果てなき道の彼方に
誰もが描いている 未来があるよ
苦しみは 勇気と真実を試すために
与えられたんだ to find my way
恐れずに行く go beyond with you いつの日か

I'll be there 涙の向こうヘ
運命さえも超えてゆける きっと
to be shining days たどり着くまで

愛し合う喜び 自由を求め戦う
足跡だけを信じてる どこまでも

I'll be there 奇跡じゃないんだ
力を合わせ叶えられる すべて
to be shining days あなたとともに

光 見つめて 心 重ねるとき
そう 夢に届く場所 oh

いつか 涙の向こうへ
運命さえも超えてゆける きっと
I'll be there I'll be there for you everyday
I'll be there for you


Beyond this endless road I'll hold on tightly to my dreams
Everyone sketches their own future
Hardships will test the truth and my courage
So I have to be able to give, to find my way
Someday, I'll be fearless and go beyond with you

I'll be there
I know we can overcome
tears, even fate
until we finally reach the shining days
Our wish will run through spaces
like the wind

The joy of loving each other, the search for freedom
Solution is nowhere in sight
So we have to have faith in mere footprints and be persistent (1)

I'll be there, it's no miracle
if we all cooperate, we can make our wish come true
to be shining days, together with you
We'll join the whole world together
like the sky

When looking towards the light and joining our hearts
I wonder if we can meet
At the place our dreams reach for, oh

I know that someday we can overcome
tears, even fate
I'll be there I'll be there for you everyday
Our wish will run through spaces
I'll be there for you

(1) "Footprints" refers to "traces" in this case. Think of it like they're following a person: they can't see the actual person, so they're following him/her through footprints.