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25 March 2010 @ 04:17 pm
Koda Kumi - WALK  
Oh my, it's been ages! Anyway, WALK is the one Kuu song where she always tears up. I think she's said that it's one of the most important songs of her whole career and I can understand why!

キミの夢を 見つめてれば
忘れられぬ 記憶になる

全てが 刻まれてゆく

※歩き続ける 唄い続ける
辛い現実が そこに待ってても
キズつきながら そして
悲しみながら 喜びながら
進むべき道は ひとつだから※

先が見えず 立ち止まった

一番 大切だから

また歩きだす また唄いだす
後悔したくは ないはずさキミは
見つめているよ そして
迷わず歩く 音を奏でて
キミは歩いてく ひとつの道



It's okay to take a detour
Because if you fix your eyes on your dream
When you finally get there, all the struggles along the way
can be left behind and made into memories

When you sing
the smiles that appear [because of it]
today, tomorrow
always, will be engraved in you heart

** So you keep walking, you keep singing
Even though a harsh reality waits outside
you keep going
along the way you'll get hurt
feel sadness and joy
but this is the only road and you must keep going **

At one point you began to give up...
And stopped, unable to see the future

If you have faith
your wish will come true
Those kinds of thoughts
are most important

You start walking again, You start singing again
You'll have no regrets
And even though that place is still far away
You keep looking, and
without hesitation, play your music again
and continue walking down that road

(** repeat)
sasha_evilsinsasha_evilsin on March 25th, 2010 06:15 pm (UTC)
Beautiful! *I'm tearful now T_T* Thank you so much =)