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18 October 2009 @ 05:45 pm
Koda Kumi - Run for your life  
Fangirls ahoy! This is the song for you xD If you ever need to explain someone how you feel when your favorite artist is coming to your hometown to have a concert, just play them this song!

無理だとか言わないで 進もう

見つめてみて あの人の笑顔
もっとそばで 感じるためにも
Let's get up & down

Run for your life!!
鏡の中の自分見つめて プラス思考で
Run for your life!!
そうバラ色の私になるの! そう信じて!

Hey Hey ! Can you look at my honey? みてみて!
やばいまた目が合った! 抑えきれない
Oh my baby! ほかの子なんて嫌!!見ないで
あたしとのほうが きっといいんだから

Hold on!
暗い顔してないで 顔あげて
笑顔でそうよ Cheese & Cheese & Smile!
自分らしくやれば それでいいから

もっとあなた 独り占めしたい
もっとあなたのこと 満足させるのは

※Run for your life!!
鏡の中の自分見つめて プラス思考で
Run for your life!!
そうバラ色の私になるの そう信じて※

もうダメよ あなたの前だと動けないの
自分のことなのに… 本当後悔…

毎日 同じ繰り返しだけど
きっとひとりひとり 意味をもって生きてる
誰もが Dreams come true


Run for your life!!
あなたの声が あなたの色が あたし埋め尽くす
Run for your life!!
今夜はきっと 忘れられない 夜になるから


Let's go beyond, to that place we're aiming for
with flexible hips
Don't say it's impossible, let's just do it

Watching intently at a person's laughing face
Just trying to feel closer to them
Let's get up & down

** Run for your life!!
Gotta think positive when looking at yourself in the mirror
Run for your life!!
I'll be beautiful as a rose, you better believe it! **

Hey Hey ! Can you look at me honey? Look look!
Awesome, our eyes met again! I can't control myself
Oh my baby! Other girls are no good, please don't look at them!
Being with me is much better

Hold on!
Don't make that gloomy face, chin up
With a smile, like this - Cheese & Cheese & Smile!
It's better when you're being yourself

I want more of you, only for me
I'll make you satisfied
only me

(** repeat)

But it's useless, I can't seem to function in front of you
I feel helpless
My behavior really annoys me
It's how I am, and yet.....it's really regrettable...

Every day is the same, but
everyone's lives hold meaning
Everyone's dreams can come true

(** repeat x2)

Run for your life!!
Your voice, your looks, they complete me
Run for your life!!
Once evening comes, I surely won't forget this night